SocialGuard Documentation

Documentation for the NSYS SocialGuard project and ecosystem

This vault houses information relating to SocialGuard as an ecosystem and project, and is the go-to reference for API documentation regarding NSYS SocialGuard (



The concepts folder holds information about the core concepts of SocialGuard, similar to a codex. They define the entities present on the API and their role in the system. The definitions/premises detail the concept's idea, whilst the specifications document the current object representing this concept on the API. NB: Concepts will always reflect the latest API spec available (currently v3.x).

Design Proposals

The design proposals reflect drafted concepts and ideas to be implemented in upcoming versions of SocialGuard. These are subject to changes/discard, until frozen by the next specification document.


You can contribute to documenting SocialGuard by making changes to the GitHub repository (Nodsoft/SocialGuard.Docs), and submitting pull requests.

Documentation is formatted in Obsidian-flavoured markdown, and rendered to HTML straight from the repository, using MoltenObsidian.